Aspen Carriage and Sleigh the Rocky Mountain's Premier Horse Drawn Carriage Company

.Aspen Carriage and Sleigh is a family owned and operated company. We realize what a blessing we have to be able to combine our passion for our horses and a way to share these beautiful equines with others. Our horses are our pets, part of our family, and our partners, thus they are treated with great care and respect. We will not put them in a situation that we believe is beyond their abilities or puts them in danger.

It is our goal to provide exceptional service in any capacity that we serve you. We strive to present an elegant representation of your vision. Our drivers are friendly, courteous and well trained. Safety is always our first priority. Our rigs are well maintained, inspected and cleaned each day.

Our personal adventure with this company started back 12 years ago, when Bryan told Sandy that if she planned to continue her hobby of rescuing horses, she had better find a way to finance it this very expensive endeavor. As Sandy searched and researched possibilities, an opportunity became available and the timing was perfect to purchase a carriage company with a long standing reputaion for excellence.

The plan has always been to retrain horses as they were rescued for not only riding, but also for driving. Those horses who display a love for pulling and seem to enjoy working, are given an opportunity to join us in the business. Those that are neither physically capable or mentally able, get to retire with us and enjoy the remainder of their lives out on pasture. All of our working partners, enjoy short shift (usually less than 4 hours), days off each week, and work a maximum of 2 seasons a year (usually approximately 4 weeks). With the remainder of their time enjoying a leisurely lifestyle of pasture grazing and sunbathing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

It has turned out to be a beautiful partnership, with those horses who are willing and able, helping us to earn funds to buy hay, supplies and medical care for those who are no longer able to work. We are so proud to be partof this very special TEAM effort!!!! Our horses enjoy their work adn we do all we can to make sure that JOY remains. We never want to work the horses in a way or amount that steals that joy, and makes them dread work. Please join us in appreciating all that equines have and continue to do for us humans!

We believe in supporting the community and devote a considerable amount of time volunteering to worthy causes. Please contact Sandy Dieterich if you would like to discuss our assisting your non-profit organization.

We are based in Aspen but provide service for the entire Western Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. We service the Roaring Fork Valley, Woody Creek, Snowmass, Emma, Basalt, Missouri Heights, Carbondale, Redstone, Marble, Glenwood Springs, Silt, Rifle, New Castle, Delta, Grand Junction, Gunnison, Buena Vista, Vail, Eagle, Avon, Breckenridge, Montrose, Paonia, Meeker, and others.